Your Needs – Your Yoga

Tense shoulders and back? Tired and stressed? We plan your class according to your special needs today: more Yin or Yang, action or meditation, focus on the muscles or more on the fascia tissue, enhance your flexibility, gain strength both in body and mind – work on your aims or just go with the flow.

Silence – Focus – Full Attention

Personal Yoga gives you the perfect framework to study every sequence in detail with the matching breathing and alignment. All adjustments will be made considering what is best fo you and your body. Minimizing the risk of injury and help you to benefit the most of your training is what I work for.

Free Of Any Class Schedules

You decide upon place, time, duration of class and the focus of your training.

Your Personal Yoga

Get the training your body requires. Practice in quiet and calm. Receive personal guidance without any distractions.

Trial Session 50 €

use the contact form or give me a call +49 152 2477 6404

60 min – one-to-one*

block of   3 …. 90 €

block of   5 …. 86 €

block of 10 …. 83 €

one session.125 €

60 min – one-to-two*

block of   3 …. 113 €

block of   5 …. 108 €

block of 10 …. 104 €

one session 125 €

*prices per session


Travel expenses in Hamburg will be calculated from A23 Eidelstedt . Other cities upon request. I’ll be pleased to prepare a personal quote for you.